ICMSC 2023

San Jose, USA

June 24-25, 2023


2023 5th International Conference on Mechanics, Simulation and Control


China University of Geosciences has gone through great changes and difficulties. In 1952, the Beijing College of Geology was founded by merging the departments and sections of geology of some of our famous colleges and universities, namely the Peking University, Tsinghua University, Tianjin University, the Tangshan Railway Institute and other colleges. Then, in 1970, the college was moved out of Beijing. There were several difficulties. We had to experience the harsh geographical terrain of Shimen, cross the Dan River, go south to Jiangling and go through a period of stay in Jingzhou, where we had to physically carry our things since the transportation system at that time was not fully developed.

Sun Yat-sen University, originally known as Guangdong University, was founded in 1924 by Dr. Sun Yat-sen (also called Sun Zhongshan), a great democratic revolutionary leader of the 20th century. The University is located in Guangdong Province, an area nei***oring Hong Kong and Macao, which is at the forefront of China's reform and opening up. Being one of the leading universities in the People's Republic of China, Sun Yat-sen University is a comprehensive multi-disciplinary university, including the humanities, social sciences, natural sciences, technical sciences, medical sciences, pharmacology, and management sciences. 



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